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Welcome to Mike's Archery Center.


We offer expert and friendly service with a wide range of equipment.   Though archery is one of the oldest sports in the world, you will get the best of today's wide range of equipment and shooting range choices with us.



"Winter Leagues Forming Now!"

  • Our equipment recommendations will be based on your needs and only your needs. No ‘up-selling’ or ‘bait and switch’ tactics here.
  • Professional service from experts who know how to set-up the equipment to fit you. No ‘one-size fits all’ at Mike’s Archery Center.
  • Large, indoor shooting ranges that feature computerized pop-up ranges to challenge the most experienced hunters, long distance ranges to challenge the marksman in us all and ranges to teach the beginners the fundamentals of archery.

All are welcome here

  • Avid bow hunters and target shooters who are looking to hone their skills.   It is the next best thing to being in the field.
  • Families enjoying time together.   Parents, grandparents and kids finally can enjoy something together.
  • People with disabilities get help by adjusting equipment for them.   Champions for the Para-Olympics have trained here.
3D Range
No license, no season, no limits!

We have a computerized shooting system that gives you 30 random shots at 13 different Rhinehart targets. Our indoor 3-D computerized Pop-Up Range goes out to 40 Yards and you shoot off an elevated platform, giving you a true hunting experience.




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Great Online Deals - Check out our online shop for the latest equipment and sale offerings.

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Know your kinetic Energy?

Learn how much penetration power your bow set up will produce.
Arrow Weight
Arrow Velocity


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